How to make copper wire in Builderment

The power of industry.

Builderment is all about setting up large production chains that automatically produce the items you need. The production chains can all feed each other, mining or collecting resources, making items, then combining items to make more complex ones.

In this guide, we will tell you how to make copper wire, a fairly basic item that you will need plenty of in the game. The first thing you will need to do is find copper ore. This can be found as a scattering of orange-colored rocks that will appear on the map.

The next step is to build an Extractor on one of the copper nodes. If you are building multiple extractors, keep in mind that you need to use conveyor belts to move the copper from the nodes to where you need it to be, so try to lay out your Extractors in such a way that it is easy to build all the different conveyor belts you will need.

After that, you need a furnace to send all the copper ore to, and you will need to set it up to make Copper Ingots. Build your furnace, then run all the conveyors to it so that it has a steady supply of copper ore. Tap on the Furnace once it is built, then select the hammer and wrench icon, and then Recipes. Set the Furance to produce Copper Ingots, then it’s on to the final step.

The large building you need is the Workshop, and this is where the Ingots will be turned into Copper Wire. Build a conveyor belt, to carry the ingots from the Furnace to the Workshop, then select Copper Wire in the Workshop menu by repeating the menu navigation from the previous step.