How to make fireworks in Minecraft

Light up the sky.

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In Minecraft, fireworks have distinct characteristics that can be modified, depending on the color of Dye, Shape Effects, and Additional Effects that are combined during the crafting phase of the Firework Star, the main ingredient of fireworks. These modifications change the firework explosion properties, including color, size, and overall effect. This guide will walk through the steps to craft a Firework Rocket, and how to modify the look of them upon the highly anticipated explosion.

First things first, you’ll need a Firework Star. To craft this, combine any color of Dye with one piece of Gunpowder inside of the in-game Crafting Table. This is all you need to make a Firework Star, however, as mentioned above, you can personalize the Firework Star by including one of the listed items from the shape effect list, along with one of the listed items from the additional effects list found below.

Shape effect

  • Gold Nugget – Star-shaped explosion
  • Fire Charge – Large ball explosion
  • Feather – Burst explosion
  • Head – Creeper-shaped explosion

Additional effects

  • Glowstone Dust – Twinkle / Crackle effect after explosion
  • Diamond – Trail effect after explosion
  • Glowstone Dust & Diamond – Twinkle & Trail effect after explosion

For instance, you can include one Feather and one Diamond along with the original Firework Star recipe. This will ensure that the firework will have a burst explosion, along with a trail effect upon exploding.

Now that you have your personalized Firework Star, it’s time to create a Firework Rocket. To do this, pull out the in-game Crafting Table and combine one Firework Star, one piece of Paper, and one Gunpowder. This will craft the Firework Rocket. If you want your Firework to fly higher and further, you can add up to three Gunpowder during crafting.

Now that you have your Firework Rocket, it’s time to test it out. Drag the rocket into the bottom Hot Bar from your inventory, select it, and place it on the ground, which will shoot it high into the sky and enjoy. Additionally, you can place them into a Dispenser, or use a Crossbow to fire them off.