How to make Fireworks in Minecraft

Ooh pretty.

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Fireworks are a popular way to celebrate many occasions. Whether it is the New Year, Independence Day, or just someone winning a competition, Fireworks are a loud and bright way to say hooray. In Minecraft, Fireworks act exactly how you would expect. Planting them and lighting them off will let you put on a show for anyone around to see. Here is how to make Fireworks in Minecraft.

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How to get Fireworks in Minecraft

To get Fireworks in Minecraft, you have to craft them. Paper, between one and three gunpowder, and a Firework star. Paper can be crafted from sugar cane, gunpowder is obtained from defeating creepers without them blowing up or ghasts and witches, and a Firework star is created with gunpowder, dye, and some extra ingredients if you want them. The extra ingredients decide the Firework’s shape when it explodes. Here is the list of extra ingredients and what they do to the Firework.

  • Diamond – Trail effect after the explosion
  • Feather – Burst explosion
  • Fire Charge – Large ball explosion
  • Glowstone Dust – Twinkle / Crackle effect after the explosion
  • Glowstone Dust and Diamond – Twinkle & trail effect after the explosion
  • Gold Nugget – Star-shaped explosion
  • Head – Creeper-shaped explosion
  • No extra ingredient – Small ball explosion

The crafting recipe for the Firework does not matter where you put each item in the 3×3 grid; just put them in wherever. Keep in mind that you can make a Firework without a Firework star, but it will not have an exploding effect. The shape and color of the Firework will depend on the Firework star you make. Also, how much gunpowder you use will decide how far the Firework travels before it explodes.

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There are a few ways to launch Fireworks. The most basic way is to simply place them on the ground. They will instantly fly into the air and explode. Additionally, they can be shot from dispensers and crossbows. If your crossbow has the multishot enchantment on it, a three-round burst will be shot off.

Once you have made your Fireworks, go ahead and shoot them off to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, they will eventually run out, so you will need to gather plenty of gunpowder and other resources to make a good backlog of them for a proper show.