How to make Glass in Minecraft

Make some glass for a multitude of uses in Minecraft.

Image via Mojang

There are many decorative items you can use in Minecraft to make your place more snazzy. No one wants to live in a simple dirt hut there entire time in the game. While there is a chance you can find Glass in various structures like Woodland Mansions or Villager houses, they will shatter unless you break it down with a tool equipped with the Silk Touch enchantment. Here is how you can make some Glass to create windows and other items for your world.

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How to make Glass in Minecraft

To start, you will need to have a Furnace, some fuel for that Furnace (Wood, Coal, or Lava in a Bucket), and Sand or Red Sand. Sand can be found in many places and can be mined with your hand but will gather quicker with a Shovel. Desert and Beach biomes will have it in plenty. Wherever you find it, collect a lot to make more Glass.

Put the Sand in the top slot of the Furnace with the fuel in the bottom slot. It will start smelting Glass blocks. When the Glass block appears in the slot on the right, you can move it to your inventory.

Now you have Glass blocks that you can simply place wherever you want, but there is more you can do with it. Three Glass blocks can be used to craft three Glass Bottles for making potions. Six glass blocks can be used to make 16 Glass Panes. These are flat surfaces that look like better windows. You can also color eight Glass blocks with dyes in the Crafting Table to make Stained Glass.

Other items that can be crafted with Glass blocks are Beacons, Daylight Detectors, End Crystals, and Hardened Glass. Be sure to look for the other crafting ingredients needed for these items.