How to Make More Money in Monster Hunter: World


The work of a hunter in Monster Hunter: World is never-ending. Just when you think you’ve beaten the biggest and baddest monster out there, new challenges arrive. This means that you must stay prepared and continually upgrade your equipment. But doing so is not free. Many hunters will at some point or another struggle to afford the next tier of armor or weapons, no matter how many Anjanath pelts they’ve collected. This guide will point out some solid ways to earn Zenny, the game’s common currency.

Five Ways to Earn Zenny

There are many different ways to earn Zenny in Monster Hunter: World, and some are more efficient than other. All will require you to give up something, whether it be time or materials. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in Astera!

Complete Quests

Perhaps the most basic way of earning money is by simply playing the game and completing quests. All types of quests will include a Zenny reward portion which varies in size based on the difficulty of the quest. It stands to reason that more difficult and longer quests will pay out more money. In the early part of the game, this is probably how you will earn most of your Zenny, and you won’t have any issues with this method for a while. As quests get more difficult, however, the rewards start to dwindle. Using your SOS flare to get help from friends will split the total reward. Each time you faint, you will be hit with a reduction in rewards. It doesn’t take long until this method is just not efficient enough anymore. If you do have to resort to this method of earning money, try to choose easy quests that can be done safely and quickly for maximum benefit.

Sell your Quest Rewards

Say what? Yes, you read that right. The quest reward of money pales in comparison to the value of the items you collect from the monsters you slay or capture. If you’re truly only in it for the money, hit the Sell All button at the conclusion of a quest. You can still selectively keep some items, of course, and you will get a preview of the total amount of Zenny you’ll receive before committing. For many quests, you can easily receive 5 times the amount of Zenny by selling the materials, compared to the reward for completing the quest.

Sell your Unused Armor

How to Make More Money in Monster Hunter: World
Sell ArmorTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Without a doubt, you’re no longer wearing the same armor that you started the game with. Perhaps you’ve even upgraded your armor many times but finally discarded it when you reached High Rank level items. In any case, it’s probably just collecting dust in your inventory somewhere and you’ll never go back to it. Unless you feel the need to be nostalgic, visit the NPC next to the Smithy and sell your old junk. You’d be surprised how much Zenny you can still get for old pieces of gear, especially if they’ve been upgraded many times over. We don’t recommend selling weapons, unless they’re Low Rank, because you never know when you’ll need that specific item to defeat a specific monster.

Sell Excess Materials

How to Make More Money in Monster Hunter: World
Sell MaterialsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

By the time you’re hurting for money, you’ve probably accumulated a large amount of materials from the various hunts you’ve embarked on. Many of those items are never going to be of value to you again, but you can sell them to the Provisions Vendor in the Trade Yard for a decent chunk of change. Whether it’s those Great Jargas hide, or several hundred Shamos claws, this vendor will gladly take them off your hands. Plus, there’s always more monsters, right?

Sell Crafting Ingredients

How to Make More Money in Monster Hunter: World
Sell MaterialsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The Provisions Vendor will also take crafting materials off your hands. Got several hundred Something-or-Other Berries? Accidentally crafted thousands of rounds of ammunition until you realized that you prefer a sword? Get rid of it here. Just be careful not to sell all the best items that you actually want to use. You’ll also sometimes have very rare and valuable items, like the Zorah Magdaros Gem pictured above. It’s up to you whether you want to part with it, but if you’re desperate for Zenny, it can be an option.

After following any of these steps above, you should find yourself flush with cash for a while. Then simply rinse and repeat as needed. For more help on surviving the wilderness and economic climate, visit our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub.