How to make Poffins in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Be careful not to let your Poffins burn.

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Poffins are an essential part of a Pokémon’s diet. These delectable treats increase a Pokémon’s condition and help them win contests. Those looking to enter your Pokémon in a few contests will want to stockpile these tasty morsels. Here’s how you make Poffins in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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Before you can make Poffins, you will need to obtain the Poffin Case from the old man in the Pokémon Fan Club building. Go to Hearthome City. The house you are looking for is east of the PokéMart and has an orange roof. After you get the case, head into the Poffin House next to the PokéMart on the left.

Talk to the woman in the apron inside the Poffin House. Once you have the Poffin Case, you will be allowed to start cooking some Poffins. When you begin, you will select which berries you want to use from the menu. The types of berries you choose determine what type of Poffin you make and which stat is increased. Here are the flavors and which stat they improve.

  • Bitter: Cleverness
  • Sweet: Cuteness
  • Spicy: Coolness
  • Sour: Toughness
  • Dry: Beauty

There is a limit to how many Poffins you can feed a Pokémon. Each time you feed a Pokémon a Poffin, its Sheen increases. Once its Sheen is maxed out, you will not be able to feed the Pokémon any more Poffins.

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While making Poffins, you will be required to spin the Left Stick either clockwise or counterclockwise. Watch the pot as you spin the Poffin one way or the other. Going too slow will cause the Poffin to burn, and going too fast will cause it to slosh out. Keep a good pace to make sure that the Poffin turns out perfectly.