How to make someone a mod on Twitch

Welcome a new moderator to your team.

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Streaming can take up a large amount of your focus when you are playing a game. As such, keeping your viewers happy whilst ensuring that all messages are kept within the rules of your channel can be tough. Thankfully, you can assign moderators to help you with this.

Moderators are viewers with elevated powers. They can perform actions that will make a direct change to your channel, such as ban viewers, and manage channel point reward requests for affiliated streamers from within Twitch’s Mod View. With extra commands set up by the streamer, they will also have further powers for shoutouts, changing the game category or stream title, and even allow for on-screen prompts and actions, like sound or visual effects, to only be triggered by mods.

If there is someone that you have in mind to assign a moderator, it’s good practice to check with them to make sure they are happy with what you would like them to do.

Once you are ready, you can assign them to become a moderator to your channel by using the command ‘/mod’, followed by space and their username (e.g. ‘/mod TwitchUser10’), and Twitch will then give that user access to the Mod View for the channel, where the tools can help them with moderation.

You do not need to be live for this to work, so if you want to make someone a moderator while offline, simply head to your channel and press your display picture. This will turn the view from the introduction of the channel to the live screen with the chatbox. From here, enter in the command and it will be completed. You can also do this from within your streaming software if you are using the chat from within that. 

Now, whenever that user comments in your chat, their name will be accompanied by a green sword at the beginning of their name to confirm that they are a moderator for your channel.

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