How to make someone a VIP on Twitch

Diamond badges to all your favorite viewers.

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When it comes to looking after your viewers on Twitch, the easiest way to bring in and keep regular members is to engage and chat with them. The better you are at showing attention to your audience, the higher your chances are that they will want to continue engaging in your stream. 

If someone has been in your stream for a long time and you want to recognize them as a core part of your community, you can give them VIP status.

Making someone in your channel a VIP does not give them any elevated powers to control the stream in the same way that a moderator would have access. For the role of VIP, it is used simply to highlight a member of your Twitch audience as highly valued. VIPs are elevated on the list of users watching the stream, while they also receive an exclusive diamond badge next to their name any time they chat in the stream.

One of the suggestions that Twitch offers for channel point rewards is to make a member of the stream a VIP with a high amount of points, and you will find that many streamers utilize this.

How to make a member VIP

To make a member of your chat a VIP on your channel, head to your channel and open up the chat. Here, you can use the command ‘/vip {username}’ and simply replace the username section with the full name of the user that you want to make a VIP in your channel. For example, if you type in ‘/vip Gamepur’ and enter it, this would make the user named Gamepur a VIP.

How to remove VIP status

To check your current list of VIPs, you can use the command ‘/vips’ and the system will list your current VIPs. To remove a VIP from the channel, use ‘/unvip {username}’, once again replacing the username section with the name of the user that you want to remove.

VIP slots can also be managed in the creator dashboard under Community, and then Roles Manager. Search for the user you want to make a VIP with the ‘Add New’ button, and then pick which role you want to give that member.