How to mute players in Halo Infinite

Tone down the outside noise.

Online gaming has been one of the biggest draws in video games for a while now. That being said, being exposed to so many people will mean you eventually will come across a jerk or two. Here is how to mute someone in Halo Infinite if you don’t want to hear what they have to say anymore.

Muting individual players in Halo Infinite is pretty easy but not as straightforward as some other games. While in a match, press start or the escape key to bring up the menu. While here, pull up the social menu, and you will see a list of everyone in your game. Select them to bring up their spartan profile, and you will see an option to mute them.

Additionally, you can also mute people from the main menu. Again, pull up the social menu, and you will see options to look through your friend list or recent players. Pull up their spartan profiles, and you will see the option to quiet them.

Of course, if you ever want to unmute a person for whatever reason, all you need to do is do the same process as above. Also, if you feel like someone is stepping over the line and not being a good sport, consider reporting them as well.