How to obtain both Milton-Fitzpatrick bank tokens in Dartmoor for the Tuppence discovery challenge in Hitman 3

These tokens give you a nice prize.

Hitman 3

Image via IO Interactive

Exploration in Hitman 3 is paramount to finding every possible outlet to complete your mission and the variety of challenges that come on each level. On the Dartmoor map, you are tasked with eliminating Alexa Carlisle and getting your hands on a case file with information on Arthur Edwards. However, there is a way to bypass finding the case file by completing the Tuppence discovery challenge. Here is how to obtain both Milton-Fitzpatrick bank tokens in the Dartmoor level of Hitman 3.

To get the tokens needed for the Tuppence discovery challenge, we need to take out two specific people holding onto them. The first is the butler, Mr. Fernsby. He usually walks back and forth between the Foyer and the Library, where Patrick is on the left. If you go behind the left staircase in the main entrance, you will find a vacuum you can use to lure Fernsby over where you can subdue him and dump the body in a chest.

Don’t worry about the two guards nearby. They pay no attention to the vacuum sound, so this is the safest way to remove Fernsby. Pick up the token he drops for half of the challenge to be done.

Rebecca is holding the other coin you need. She ventures back and forth between the Sitting Room and Trophy Room. Wait for her to go into the Trophy Room and subdue the cleaning lady in the hallway, or she will see you either take Rebecca down or drag her away. There is a closet you can stash the cleaning lady in nearby in the hallway.

Now to knock out Rebecca, you can either poison her water bottle (you will need a server disguise to avoid raising suspicion) or wait for her to be near the fireplace and the bodyguard on the other side to look at the environment around him to subdue her.

Pick up the token that Rebecca drops, and you will complete the Tuppence discovery challenge and gain 2,000 Dartmoor mastery experience points.

As a bonus, with the two tokens in hand, Agent 47 can access the case file off the map in the Milton-Fitzpatrick London bank, no questions asked, making it, so all you have left to do in Dartmoor is kill Alexa Carlisle.