How to offer to help neighbors and complete village errands in The Sims 4

Help a neighbor out.

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Introducing yourself to your neighbors in The Sims 4 and becoming friends with them is always a rewarding experience, especially if you can invite them over and get to know them. But there are a few residents of Hedford-on-Bagley who are going to need some help with a handful of tasks, giving you the chance to offer to do village errands for them. In this guide, we’re going to detail how to help neighbors and to complete village errands for them in The Sims 4.

We’ve found that the best way to acquire errands and to help out your neighbors in Hedford-on-Bagley is to visit them in town. The option to perform an errand for them will be in the interaction menu when speaking with them. For example, Sara, the pub owner, had three errands she wanted us to do for her. Each of them required us to acquire certain ingredients for her to grow in our garden, pick up from the store, or find somewhere in town by visiting one of the many locations.

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How we complete the task is up to us. You can find the errands you need to complete for your neighbors underneath the career tab. Here, you’ll be able to review the requirements and figure how to return those ingredients best after you’ve gathered them up. Completing these tasks rewards you with various items that you can use in your garden, with the off-chance of you receiving a meal, a recipe, Cross-stitch patterns, or Livestock Upgrade Parts.

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Whenever you don’t have an errand on any of your Sims, find some time to visit the town and see if you can’t see if anyone else needs any help. Of course, you might have to introduce yourself and get to know them, but once the introductions are out of the way, they’re more than happy to share what they might need help with.