How to open the closet door in Kill It With Fire – Check for Skeletons objective

Cleaning out the closet.

Kill It With Fire

Screengrab via tinyBuild

In the Close Encounters level of Kill It With Fire, an early puzzle that you might discover is the master bedroom containing an en-suite bathroom and a closet, along with the usual desk, bed and television features. While accessing almost everything is a fairly simple objective of killing enough spiders, for the closet, there is a golden padlock blocking the door.

Unfortunately, breaking that lock is not as simple as throwing the kitchen sink at it. As you might expect, you’re going to need the key for this lock to make your way into the room. The key is not stashed away in this room, and nor is it in the en-suite bathroom.

Instead, you first need to make sure that you have reached 10 spider kills. This will then unlock the 2nd bedroom in the house, just a little further down the main corridor and to the right. Here, you will find the set-up of a streamer, complete with gaming PC and a green screen. At the back of the room also includes cheese puffs, a weapon that will come in very handy in later levels.

In this room, a small set of drawers next to the bed requires 12 kills to unlock. There will be plenty of spiders in the room to hunt down, so once you have reached the number of kills, the drawer can be opened. Here will be your golden key for the padlock. With this in hand, you can walk across the corridor back into the master bedroom and over to the closet. Hover the key on the padlock, and it should automatically unlock.

Your reward for your endeavor is the double-barrel shotgun, required for the objective on the level to shoot two spiders at the same time.