How to open the cuckoo clock in Inscryption

Curious about how to bust open that cuckoo clock?

Find Salvation in the Cuckoo Clock

Screenshot by Gamepur

As with most objects in Inscryption’s spooky cabin, the cuckoo clock serves an actual purpose to the game’s story. However, solving this mystery requires a very roundabout way of thinking. Steel yourselves because the cost is high — here’s how you open up the cuckoo clock in Inscryption.

First, you need to have acquired the Special Dagger, obtained by freeing the Caged Wolf. Next, you’ll need to use the Special Dagger — this will cause your character to carve out their right eye, dealing 4 damage to your opponent, but also limits your right side vision. After using the Dagger, you need to win your match.

After you win, you’ll be presented with a choice of new eyes — and one of them should immediately stand out:

Screenshot by Gamepur

The magical-looking eye? Yeah, pop that sucker into your eye socket. Immediately the right side of your screen will fill with magic, and a new message should reveal itself. Head over to the cuckoo clock, and new shapes should appear on the front:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Align the three hands using the dials above the clock face to line up perfectly with the guides. This will unlock a new talking card — the “Stunted Wolf,” a 2/2 — and a canister of camera film. That film will come in handy much later, but its use is automatic and necessary for progression, so you do not need to worry about it.