How to Open Umbrella Inside the TV Shop in Untitled Goose Game


The goose in the Untitled Goose Game wants nothing more than to cause trouble for the residents of a small village, venturing around with his chaos-infused to-do list. A task on it is to open up an umbrella in the TV shop in the High Street area.

The first step is to lure the shopkeeper into the garage. You can do this by grabbing one of the items from her stand and taking it over to the garage. Put it in the back, waiting for her to enter. When she’s far enough in, rush out and pull on the string to lock her inside. Now, you can grab the umbrellas on the left side of her shop.

Before you use the umbrellas, another component of this task is to lock the boy in the phone booth. All you have to do is honk at him and usher him over to the red box, to the left of the TV shop. When you trap him by the phone booth, he’ll dash inside for safety and call the TV shop owner to let him out. Grab an umbrella and drag it over near the entrance of the shop to wait for the owner.

When they leave, dash inside before they can push you out and drop the umbrella. Pull at the handle of the umbrella, and it should open up, completing the task.