How to perform a Swap Evade in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Jump out of the way with the Swap Evade in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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A Swap Evade in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a good way to avoid being hit by an incoming attack from a monster. You can only perform it at specific opportunities, which means you want to time this technique during a battle. This guide covers how to perform a Swap Evade in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How to do a Swap Evade

The Swap Evade will only work after you’ve used the Switch Skill Swap, which you learn how to do at the beginning of the Sunbreak expansion. Master Utsushi shares this technique with you, giving you the chance to use two loadouts of Switch Skills for your weapon. Rather than having you return to base to go between your preferred skills, a Switch Skill Swap allows you to do it immediately in a battle.

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Immediately after performing a Switch Skill Swap, the Swap Evade will be available. It allows you to move in any direction, away from a monster or closer toward it. The key to using the Swap Evade is to time it alongside your Switch Skill Swap.

After using the Switch Skill Swap, you need to hit the LT and the A or B button, depending on what controller you’re using to play Monster Hunter Rise. Your character will then leap out of the way, performing an elegant evade in any direction. The movement is associated with your dive and jump. You need to confirm the movement immediately after completing the Switch Skill Swap, or it will not work.

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You will want to optimize the Swap Evade to change up your loadouts. For example, when you use the Skill Switch Swap, your character is immobile for a few seconds, meaning you might be vulnerable to an incoming monster attack, or you need to close the gap to reach your target for a follow-up strike.