How to photograph the Yellow Birds in Berlin — Hitman 3 Bird Art achievement

Take photos of some bird graffiti.

Image via IO Interactive

Hitman 3 is full of fun feats you can accomplish that reward you with XP. Some of these feats can be hard to achieve, as the description of how to beat them can be perplexing. For the Concrete Ornithology Feat, you must take photos of all the bird art graffiti around the Berlin map. Completing this challenge will also reward you with the Bird Art Achievement. This guide will walk you through how to get the Bird Art Achievement in Hitman 3.

Bird graffiti locations

You can grab this achievement on the Berlin mission Apex Predator. Select your starting location as Club Entrance to begin your hunt for the bird graffiti.

From the entrance of the club, immediately run away from the club and turn right. Locate the couple sitting on the bench and run past them to find the first bird. Take a picture of the sunglasses bird.

Make your way past the security checkpoint towards the side entrance of the club. Once you pass the three NPCs conversing next to the fire, turn right to find the second bird.

On the same wall to the left, behind the yellow trash dumb, is the third bird. Take its picture as well.

From this wall, turn right past the second security outpost, and climb the freight container on the right side. Here you will find the fourth bird location that is four birds stacked on each other.

To the left of the four birds, you will see a ladder, climb the ladder and make your way up the first set of stairs to the right. Once up the first set of stairs, you will see a bird on the wall under the second set of stairs. Take its picture and make your way through the door.

The final two sets of birds are located inside this room. Take both of their pictures for the achievement to unlock.

Now the Feat Concrete Ornithology will be completed, and you will be rewarded with the Bird Art Achievement.