How To Ping In GTFO


GTFO is a game based around careful exploration, paying close attention to the environment, and trying not to get your face eaten by a monster. You and your teammates are entering a vast underground complex full of traps and nasty enemies, so communication is critical.

With no in-game matchmaking at the moment, you might end up playing with a group of people who are not all able to communicate. Even if you are on voice comms, spend time pinging the area for your teammates to notice.

You can use your Mouse 2 button (middle mouse button) to ping items like doors and lockers to each other. These notifications are useful if you have split up in a small area and want to let people know where a valuable item is instantly, or which door to gather near. Because you can only carry one consumable item, or resource pack, at a time, the game involves a lot of decision making.

If you find an item you feel is essential, but don’t want to drop what you are currently carrying, you can ping the location for someone on your squad who can grab it.

If you need help with other aspects of GTFO, you can check out our guide on how to use terminals to make finding items much more straightforward. We also have a guide that covers the various tools and what they do. Information is essential if you want to get as deep into the complex as you can, and equipping your prisoners with a strategy in mind is a great way to approach the game.