How to ping in The Anacrusis

Well, would you look at that?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ping systems have quickly become the norm in many multiplayer-focused games, and for a good reason. Not only does it allow people to communicate with teammates in other voice channels, but it more directly points out items and important information than a verbal callout can. Here is how you can ping things in The Anacrusis.

Pinging in The Anacrusis is quick and easy. If you are playing with a keyboard and mouse, the default input is to press the scroll wheel on the mouse. On Xbox, just click in the left thumbstick. Of course, if either one of those inputs is not desirable to you, you can swap it out for something else in the settings.

When you ping an item, much like in other games, you will highlight and call out the object you are pinging. If your cursor is on a weapon, it will glow, and a description will be made available at the top right of the screen, so everyone knows what you are pointing out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This also works for enemies. If you see a special enemy in an area and need to call out for some help, ping them, so your teammates know where to run to as quickly as possible and get rid of the threat. Even if you are not aimed precisely at them, your teammates will see a general area that they can run to.