How to plant crops in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

The very basics of farming.

If you want a successful farm in Story of Seasons: Friend of Mineral Town, you will need to grips with planting crops. It’s all pretty basic for a game like this, but there are some little bits of nuance that you will need to know. Each season allows you to plant a particular type of crop. All crops in the game are seasonal, have different yields, and be harvestable at different times.

When you start playing, the first thing to do is pay a trip to the General Store. You can see it on the map above, with the little hand symbol pointing at it. You will need to buy some seeds. Don’t go crazy, just eight or twelve-packs in total to get started. Now, head back to the farm and grab the tools that your grandfather left you. You will need to pull some weeds and clear some space on the field and hoe out some 3×3 square grids. This is important for planting crops.

Now, stand in the square directly in the middle of the 3×3 square, and choose the seeds you want from your tool belt. If you buy seeds and your tool belt is full, they will be sent to your toolbox, and you can swap things out there. Press the Y button to plant them, and you will throw them on the ground all around you, planting seeds in all 9 of the freshly hoed squares that make up the 3×3 pattern.

Now that they are planted, you need to water them, and you will have to do this every day of the month so that they grow as quickly as possible. Make sure you read the description of each plant carefully to learn what it needs to grow. Grass seeds for fodder, for example, need to be planted on ground that hasn’t been hoed.

Check on the crops each day to water them, and make sure to harvest them the first day you can, so that you can benefit from another crop in a few days from the same seeds. You can also get the Nature Sprites to help you work on the farm, so be sure to read about how to become friends with them.