How to play armored royale in Call of Duty: Warzone

Armored trucks have returned in a big way.

Image via Activision

A new season has arrived to Call of Duty: Warzone, and in season 6, the subway tunnels underneath Verdansk have become a brand new field of battle. You can use these subway cars to travel across the map, and expect to find plenty of loot inside them that are worthwhile for any team looking to bank on some early game kills and find some decent loot. Alongside the release of season 6 is a new mode called Armored Royale. What’s it all about?

In Armored Royale, rather than dropping in with nothing, you and your squad start out with an armored cargo truck. Your team starts off with it, and the vehicle also comes with a massive turret you can use to fend off the other groups you have to fight, and it comes with a good chunk of armored plating you and your squadmates can use to keep yourselves alive. The goal is to keep your truck alive for as long as possible and have the last truck standing. If you and your squad crash and lose your vehicle, none of you will be able to return to the fight. While the truck remains, you and your squadmates can return to the battle, so hopefully at least one of you stay alive to drive it around and pick everyone up.

It’s a unique take on the battle royale concept. It provides a fun, exciting twist on the typical formula, and for a limited-time mode, it should see plenty of action for players who want to mix things up. It won’t matter how badly beat up your truck is, so as long as you and your squad keep your trust wheels alive, you win.