How to play as All Might in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

One for all.

Image via Sony Pictures

All Might is the symbol of Peace and Justice in My Hero Academia, and you have the chance to play as him in the mobile game The Strongest Hero. All Might is considered one of the better heroes to play in this game and has some of the strongest attacks. But when you finally obtain this character, what is the best way to utilize him, and how do you play with his attack combos to turn him into a deadly force of unstoppable power?

All Might’s skills

All Might’s passive, Transferred Might, gives him One For All Amplification stacks each time he performs an Expert Move from his basic attack. These Expert Moves are the Carolina Smash, Oklahoma Smash, and Texas Smash, charged up states of his basic attack. You have to hold the basic attack icon to fire these off, and each of them performs a different attack.

Carolina Smash is the first charged basic attack and is a charge attack that does a double chop. The Oklahoma Smash that turns All Might into a tornado, dealing massive AoE damage, damaging multiple opponents simultaneously. Texas Smash’s final attack summons a pillar of stone from the ground that All Might destroys, creating a massive gust of wind, damaging multiple opponents. Of the three, the last two are better choices and force you to hold the basic attack icon the longest to deal the most damage.

All Might’s other abilities include Detroit Smash, New Hampshire Smash, I Am Here!, and United States of Smash, the last being All Might’s ultimate.

Detroit Smash is All Might’s Q ability. After swinging his fists, All Might summons a massive tornado, dealing true damage to the opponent. However, when All Might has seven stacks of One For All Amplification, this attack turns into All Might, creating gusts of wind, with the tornado dealing even more damage.

New Hampshire Smash is All Might’s W ability. When used, All Might sends himself through the air at the enemy, landing on them with his back, dealing a good amount of damage, and doing a small AoE when he lands.

I Am Here! is All Might’s E ability. It’s an attack where All Might jump into the air and then lands on an opponent, knocking them back, and you can use twice in a row against opponents, dealing an additional strike.

All Might’s ultimate ability, United States of Smash, is a single blow where All Might explodes with power, sending a massive strike against an opponent, creating a tornado on impact, damaging others around the focused target.

All Might attack combos

Your typical attack combo with All Might will be using your basic attacks to charge up your passive, One for All Amplification, enhancing your Q, Detroit Smash.

Alternatively, for an advanced combo, use I am Here! to jump on an opponent and then hit it again to knock them back. When they’re knocked back, use your standard four-hit basic attack combo, charging up for an Oklahoma Smash or Texas Smash attack, and then follow up with a Detroit Smash. If you can fire off All Might’s passive to increase his power with each attack, we highly recommend it.

You can keep your opponent on their toes by rushing at them using New Hampshire smash, followed by the standard basic attack combo. All Might excels and closing the distance, and this is one of the best attacks to make the most of it in a short period of time.

Because All Might is quite powerful, and his basic attack is a little complicated, we recommend taking him into training sessions for you to get the hang of this attack. Perfecting it makes him a deadly opponent, and he can overwhelm any opponent not prepared to fight him.