How to play as Doc in Rainbow Six Extraction — Skills and abilities

Doc is here to help.

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Doc is one of the most simple yet strongest choices for operator selection in Rainbow Six Extraction. He is equipped with the Stim Pistol, a gadget that allows you to heal and revive both yourself and your allies from a distance. Seeing as Doc can heal himself whenever he needs, he is a fantastic choice for Solo extraction missions. Just be sure to keep good positioning, as his lack of speed could get you in a sticky situation.

Best weapons for Doc

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Doc is one of the few operators in the game that has access to weapons tailored to all ranges and playstyles. Your first weapon will be the SG-CQB, a shotgun with a surprising amount of medium-range capabilities. While shotguns are powerful, they are quite loud and lack good ammo economy, so coordinate with your team if you want to be a shotgun player. As you level Doc up, you will gain access to the fan-favorite MP5, the P90, and the HK417 DMR. We recommend using the MP5 with a suppressor and high-powered scope to cover all ranges.

Doc also comes equipped with two sidearms, the P9 and LFP586. While the revolver may have some uses, the P9 is a great choice with a suppressor to eliminate targets swiftly as you are moving through the extraction zone.

How to best use Doc’s Stim Pistol

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Doc’s Stim Pistol gadget is one of the most important abilities in Rainbow Six Extraction. At any time, you can use the Stim Pistol to heal yourself or your teammates or revive them from a downed state. You’ll want to always be keeping an eye on your teammate’s health status, as you can be the difference between their life or death. If you manage to go down, you can also revive yourself using the Stim Pistol. You only have 3 shots in your Stim Pistol at first, so always look for gadget refill boxes around the map.

How to best play as Doc

Due to Doc’s ability and wide variety of weapon selections, he should primarily be played as a “first in last out” operator. Use your suppressed weapons to make an entrance, then follow your team closely as they navigate through the extraction zone, healing and supporting them as needed. When your objective is complete, make sure to clear the area and help your teammates to the next zone or the extraction point.

Doc’s Stim Pistol gives players a little more freedom when navigating through enemy territory. If you see the objective, don’t be afraid to make the push towards it, healing yourself and your team along the way. That being said, Doc cannot revive when you are knocked out, so be aware of your team’s position to always keep them healed up.