How to play Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus – Moves, strategies, perks, and more

He really is a stinker.

Image via Warner Bros

The classic Looney Tune is one of the most mobile characters in MultiVersus. You’ll need some pretty precise control with how quick and quirky Bugs can be, so read on to get some good tips about how to best use his whacky move set.

Bugs Bunny’s key abilities and how to use them

A Safe Investment / Safe Painter (Neutral Special)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bugs is all about mobility, but his neutral specials are actually focused on zoning. On the ground, Bugs drops a target onto the floor, and a safe will come crashing down onto that spot moment later. This is good for momentary zoning or edge guarding. When done in the air, Bugs will paint in and drop the safe much quicker — this can be a great foil for an opponent trying to recover from a pit below. Note that the safe itself can also be batted around and destroyed, which will reveal a random item inside.

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Ain’t I A Charmer? / Rocket Rider (Side Special)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bugs’ side specials are radically different depending on when you use them. On the ground, he’ll blow a kiss at a very short range: this can charm the opponent if it connects. That brief moment of holding them in place can come in clutch, so consider using it if your teammate is getting whipped. In the air, Bugs will summon a large ACME rocket that moves across the screen. This rocket serves as a platform for you and your teammate, making it a fantastic horizontal recovery option.

Special Delive-Rocket (Up Special)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bugs can also send the rocket straight up into the air, so it can make for good vertical recovery too. Note that this is considered the same rocket as the horizontal one, so the same cooldown applies to both moves. If it’s unavailable, Bugs will twirl his ears like helicopter blades to get more air. That will still help you recover, but not your teammate.

Bunny Burrow / Bun on the Run (Down Special)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bugs’ mobility is on full display here. Hit the button to dig into the ground — you’re invincible while inside — and you’ll pop up again after a moment or after covering a certain distance. You’ll do damage upon emerging, but the bigger perk here is that your teammate can crouch over the hole to instantly travel to the other end of the tunnel. Bugs’ mobility goes a long way to support the team. If you use this move in the air, you’ll dive down to the ground before burrowing.

Best Bugs Bunny perks

Both of Bugs’ signature perks are great options: Comin’ Through Doc deals shockwave damage when you leave the burrow, and Lingering Love leaves a heart behind when you use Ain’t I A Charmer. The latter makes for an incredible zoning perk — it’s so useful that it’ll actually add a cooldown to the special as a necessary nerf. Since Bugs is all about mobility, perks like Speed Force Assist and Aerial Acrobat are also good to use. They’ll make you faster on the ground and in the air, respectively.