How to play coop in Satisfactory

Play with your friends.


Satisfactory is all about building giant, complex collections of machines. While it’s a lot of fun to play on your own, group projects can also be worthwhile, and thankfully Satisfactory does have a cooperative mode.

There are three different ways to join a multiplayer game of Satisfactory.

#1 Invites

The first is to open the Invites tab in the main screen before you start a game and accept any invite that has been sent to you. Invites can be sent and received through the EGS friends lists.

#2 Join Game

The Join Game option is on the main screen when you load up, but you will need the session ID of your friend’s game to join it.

#3 Host your own game

Game Menu

You can host your own game by changing the settings when you load into your saved game. Open the menu and click on Manage Session. Change the session type to friends only to allow your friends to join. If the game is set to Private, people can only join if you send them an invite. Hit the “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy the session ID, and you can then send it to whomever you wish to play with.

The game currently does not have any plans for public sessions, to avoid any possible griefing issues. It should also be noted that multiplayer is not exactly stable at the moment, as the game is still in early access, and bugs and performance issues are reasonably common.