How to play DnD in Minecraft

Being a DM just got a lot more realistic and stressful.

Image via Mojang

Did you know that the classic tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons has made its way to the digital world of Minecraft? While waiting for the official DLC release in the spring, players can already embark on their journey to the Forgotten Realms and take on the role of their favorite DnD characters. But, of course, the adventure never ends, from battling beholders to facing mimics, mind flayers, and even gelatinous cubes. But if you can’t wait for the DLC, there are several other ways to experience the thrill of DnD in Minecraft.

How to play DnD in Minecraft with mods

Image via Reddit

Why settle for a plain old map when you can create a world worthy of a DnD campaign? With mods like Chisel and Bits, Minecraft players can sculpt blocks into various shapes for a more natural and diverse environment. For example, check out Reddit user Algarith’s impressive Elven city, Yafran, with NPCs and foes lurking around every corner. With some creative manipulation, Algarith follows players around invisibly, pulling the strings and setting the stage for a thrilling adventure. It may take some time to craft a world like this, but the payoff of playing with friends from around the globe is priceless.

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How to play DnD in Minecraft without mods

You can still play DnD in Minecraft if mods aren’t your thing. But how do you get started? First, enter the command “/gamemode adventure” to set the game mode to adventure, allowing players to explore the world without altering the environment. Then, use barrier blocks to limit player movement in certain areas or announce restrictions for more gameplay flexibility. Although Minecraft can provide a bare landscape, focus on incorporating the rules and mechanics of DnD for an optimal experience. If you crave a more immersive experience, consider Roll20 or other platforms designed to play DnD online. Then, with some creativity, you and your friends can leap into the magical world of DnD through the familiar lens of Minecraft.

How to play DnD in Minecraft with plugins

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Embarking on a Minecraft DnD adventure requires some setup. Still, you can immerse yourself in an exciting and dynamic world with the right plugins. Reddit user Althurus recommends Herochat, MythicMobs, SkillAPI, MorePlayerModels, Towny, and Worldguard/Worldedit plugins to bring your vision to life.

Herochat creates a more realistic atmosphere by setting chat distances and allowing conversations between characters. MythicMobs lets you customize your enemy monsters and loot items, and SkillAPI enables the creation of custom classes, skills, powers, abilities, and attributes. MorePlayerModels adds immersion by making players appear in different sizes and shapes. Towny creates safe zones for towns, and Worldguard/Worldedit allows for the quick and efficient creation of terrain and builds.

Once you have the plugins, it’s time to begin your Minecraft DnD adventure. You can use the existing Minecraft structures or create your own with the help of Worldguard/Worldedit. First, assign different roles to players and allow them to use their unique abilities and powers during gameplay. Then, use the plugins to create a variety of enemy monsters and loot items to match the theme of your adventure.