How to play Extraction in Watch Dogs: Legion Online

Get yourself some cryptocurrency.


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With Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 5.5, Ubisoft added a couple of brand new PvP game modes. It’s this aspect of Watch Dogs: Legion Online has been missing since launch, and now it’s finally here. This guide covers how you can access Extraction mode while playing Watch Dogs: Legion Online.

How to play Extraction

Screenshot by Gamepur

Extraction isn’t a game mode you can access from the main Watch Dogs: Legion Online menu. Instead, you first need to load into the world of Watch Dogs: Legion Online. From there, you can open your map and find a dedicated icon for starting an Extraction match. The game will match you with other players interested in playing, and then you’ll be transported to a new world where all four of you are competing.

The match will begin as soon as you load into the world. All four players are competing to find and pick up a server containing cryptocurrency. Once you have it, you need to decloak it and transport it to a new location to upload it. Each match lasts for around 20 minutes, in which time players will fight one another regardless of who has the server.

If an Operative dies, players can choose to wait for respawn or swap to a new Operative. It’s faster to swap to a new Operative, but you’ll be sacrificing all of the abilities the last Operative had if you do. If you don’t have a huge roster of Operatives, this only becomes more difficult as you’re gunned down.