How to play Friday Night Funkin’ on a Chromebook

The official FNF may not be on the Chrome Web Store, but the game’s still on there somewhere.

Image via Ninjamuffin99

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Anyone using a Chromebook will quickly notice that its operating system, Google’s proprietary Chrome OS, is unusually finicky when it comes to installing new software. As part of its built-in virus protection systems, Ordinary exe-formatted files cannot be installed or run on a standard Chromebook, meaning that most game files, like those of Friday Night Funkin’, cannot be used on the device. The only source of new apps comes in the form of JSON files submitted to the Chrome Web Store, which, as a platform, can be particularly limited for options if users don’t know quite where to look.

Where to find Friday Night Funkin’ on the Chrome Web Store

Screenshot by Gamepur

The original version of Friday Night Funkin’ was coded in Lua, a software language that won’t run under the narrow specifications of Chrome OS. Additionally, the original developers of the indie title — most notably lead programmer Cameron Taylor — have never officially ported the game to JSON. So, officially speaking, there is no way to play the true Friday Night Funkin on a Chromebook, at least under normal circumstances.

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This hasn’t stopped passionate fans and competent coders from adding a few unofficial ports for Friday Night Funkin’ to the Chrome Web Store, each under some title variating the original Friday Night Funkin name. Both “Friday Night Funkin’ Games” and “Friday Night Funkin’ Game” serve as competent alternatives for those limited to a Chromebook.

Looking to customize the Friday Night Funkin’ experience? Try playing the game with mods installed.