How to play Harley Quinn in MultiVersus – Moves, strategies, perks, and more

You get a bat-plushie, and you get a bat-plushie…

Image via Warner Bros.

Bringing mayhem to the MultiVersus platform near you, Harley Quinn is an assassin with a plethora of knockout attacks and combos. As befits a mallet-wielding fighter, she has plenty of uppercut-related combinations that will make the top ringout a hazard zone for any team that has to face her. If you were wondering how to best utilize Harley’s penchant for destruction, keep reading to find out the best combos, strategies, and more.

Harley’s key abilities and how to use them

Uppercut knockout attacks & combos

Several of Harley’s abilities focus on charged or finisher moves that send the enemy flying up vertically. These include Whack! (Neutral ground Attack), Clown Combo (ground Attack + Side), Head’s Up! (ground Attack + Up), and Batter Up! (ground Special + Up), to name the most obvious ones, with a few others also being capable of the same through careful aim and positioning. The goal of all these attacks is to send the enemy careening into the top ringout after enough damage has been accumulated, so as a Harley player, you should always look for opportunities to bat a home run.

Stuffie Bat (Neutral Special)

The adorable Stuffie Bat bomb is a deceptively strong move. It’s a cool projectile attack, but its best ability lies in applying Harley’s passive Confetti debuff and immediately starting to stack it through the item’s explosion. If you find yourself in a position where the enemy players are able to dodge it or you’re missing a lot, just remember that you can also cast and throw it in the air as well as from the ground. With Harley’s natural jumping and acrobatics abilities, it shouldn’t be too difficult to set up unmissable positions for the exploding toy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Jerk-in-the-Box (Special + Down)

This ability is an attack, utility, and annoyance all in one. The most important thing to bear in mind is that you can set it up both on the ground and in the air, creating a nasty zone that the enemy has to avoid. Meanwhile, it has a dual effect, in that it applies Confetti to the enemy that detonates it, while you or your ally can activate it with jumps to refresh jumps and jumping abilities. This pairs perfectly with Harley’s upward knockout abilities, letting you follow up on those that don’t quite reach the top ringout in a single strike.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Prank Shot (Special + Side)

An enemy is zoning you away toward the edge? He fell right into Harley’s trap — she can use Prank Shot to dash through to the other side and fire back to knock them from that very edge, all in one move. Note that they can hit and cancel your Prank Shot if they’re fast enough while you’re trying to phase through. However, Harley’s signature perk Smooth Moves turns that maneuver into a full-blooded dodge, making this both a defensive and offensive maneuver with the simple combination of pressing Special and the desired direction. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

Best Harley Quinn perks

Harley’s best perks let her dance around and above the battlefield, while smacking foes not only left and right, but more importantly, upward. That makes her first perk, Up, Up, and A-Slay, a mandatory perk that should never be subbed out. Her other leveling perks are also very good for her, with Triple Jump being another amazing pick, and both Fancy Footwork and Slippery Customer being a good dodging utility. 

Harley comes not with two, but three unique signature perks, all of which have a purpose that supplements an aspect of her playstyle. Glove Control is a good perk for combat in the air, while we have previously mentioned that Smooth Moves makes Prank Shot an even better defensive option. Meanwhile, if you really like Confetti, you should give the Confetti Explosion perk a whirl.