How to play Hide and Seek mode in Among Us

They’re coming for you.

Image via Innersloth

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A long time after the community created rules for a new game mode in Among Us called Hide and Seek, Innersloth has put out an update to expand on those ideas and officially make it a part of the game. As is the case when people were playing it on their own, Hide and Seek is quite different from the usual match you will see in the game but still brings the high-tension moments that you love. Here is what you need to know about playing Hide and Seek in Among Us.

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How to win at Hide and Seek in Among Us

Hide and Seek in Among Us is a game that has the chosen Impostor hunting down Crewmates throughout whatever level they are on. They win if they can kill all Crewmates before time is up. Crewmates win if at least one person is still standing at the end. When Crewmates complete tasks, the timer will tick down slightly faster. The Impostor is always notable from others with their big mouth.

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A secondary timer called the Final Hide will begin when the initial timer ends. During this time, the Impostor gets a boost in speed and can see momentary pings for where any survivors are. Those rules are always the same in every match, but you can change various rules like kill timer, vision distance, ping timers, and more.

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By default, all players have a small cone of vision to make situations more tense. Crewmates can know the Impostor is close when the music gets louder and more menacing and the meter in the top left fills up. Unlike the regular mode, the Impostor can not go into vents, but Crewmates can a certain number of times for only a few seconds.

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If the Impostor kills a Crewmate, they can no longer complete tasks to help bring the timer down. They are merely made spectators for the rest of the round, where they can click the Haunt button to have the game automatically make them follow any player in the match.

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If you have a group of friends, we recommend playing Hide and Seek with them in a Discord chat. Make sure to make the rule not to reveal the location of players in chat, but you can have some fun letting the Impostor speak menacingly as they hunt down Crewmates.