How to play Hogwarts Legacy co-op

Explore Hogwarts with a friend.

Popping Balloons to Unlock the Best Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is supposed to be a single-player experience, but fans have discovered a way to begin playing together thanks to the assistance of mods. Using a particular mod unlocks the ability to join another player’s Hogwarts Legacy game, allowing friends to work through their Hogwarts adventure together and conquer difficult challenges. This guide covers how to play Hogwarts Legacy in co-op.

How to play with friends in Hogwarts Legacy co-op

The only way to gain access to the Hogwarts Legacy co-op mod is to join the team’s Patreon page, at Yamashi, for HogWrap. It’s important to note that the multiplayer is in the early stages, so it’s likely going to be a little rough right now, but if you want to get in on the early days of the mod and help in testing it, this is the best way to go about it.

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They have an early video of how it will work and what players should expect in the co-op experience. If you’d rather wait for a more complete build, hold off until the team has a better framework of the mod working and have a full presentation of it; this is also a reasonable route to go. This is a fan project and will not be supposed by the Hogwarts Legacy development team. We don’t know if the developers are working on a co-op or multiplayer aspect for Hogwarts Legacy, but the community surrounding the game is eager to fill the gap.

The mod will be available on the Yamashi Discord server, where the community team has shared a working link. Their previous projects include CyberEngineTweaks mod and Skyrim Together, turning Skyrim into a multiplayer game.