HogWarp aims to let you take your friends to school in Hogwarts Legacy

Now you’ll always have a target for your petrificus totalus curse.

Image via Avalanche Software

The Together Team, the group of developers behind the Skyrim Together Reborn multiplayer mod, has released a tech demo of a multiplayer mod for Hogwarts Legacy. Dubbed HogWarp, the mod allows players to explore Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond side by side.

Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player game that focuses on your journey as a fifth-year student at the most renowned school in the Wizarding World. However, part of the fun of school is meeting new people, growing a close circle of friends, and messing around together. HogWarp aims to let players do all this and more.

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As you can see in the video above, shared by The Together Team, HogWarp is already working. The game world for each player remains the same, with unlocks and the time of day consistent with their save file, but a second player warps into the world when something is triggered in the mod. Then, players can seemingly explore the world together, able to see each other move around their own game worlds.

In a Discord interview with PC Gamer, one of the mod’s creators, Yamashi, explained that the goal is to allow up to eight players to get together when the mod is completed. This is subject to change based on any challenges the developers come up against. The mod should eventually allow players to see NPCs interacting with their friends and form a strong base for others to build off if they want to create multiplayer-exclusive mods for the game.

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HogWarp is far from the first mod for Hogwarts Legacy. Since the game’s official release four days ago, the modding community has jumped on it and started to release FPS fixes, new cosmetics, and all manner of silly alternatives to your broom if immersion really isn’t your thing.

You can try out HogWarp yourself if you sign up for Yamashi’s Patreon. The project is still only a tech demo, but it’s enough to get you excited about exploring this world with friends and about as close to reinventing your memories of high school as a witch or wizard as you’re going to get. At the time of writing, Yamashi is the only one working on the mod, with two more developers looking to move onto the project soon. Even so, the final version of the mod could be years away at this point if it’s done well.