How to play LeBron James in MultiVersus – Moves, strategies, perks, and more

How to dribble circles around the enemy.

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The MultiVersus roster pulls characters from all sorts of Warner Bros. properties, including TV shows and DC comic books. Space Jam: A New Legacy is part of this universe too, which means none other than LeBron James on the roster. Here’s how to use him.

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LeBron James’ key abilities and how to use them

How LeBron’s basketball works

Before we get into LeBron’s actual moves, it’s important to understand how he works as a character. He’s labeled “experimental” on the selection screen, meaning he’s completely different from anyone else. All of his key moves revolve around a basketball, so if you lose it, your effectiveness goes way down. You can tap the neutral special button to summon it back into your hands, but there’s a cooldown on how often you can do this — you’re expected to maintain control of the ball. Your teammate can also grab it when it’s loose and send it back to you, so there’s some collective effort involved here too.

Buckets! (Neutral Special)

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This is a basic move you can use any time. LeBron tosses out the basketball, and it bounces back off of any opponent it hits. You should use this as often as possible, since it quickly racks up damage.

L-Train! (Side Special)

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This is a slamming attack, sending LeBron into the air before crashing back down. This does heavy damage, but it also destroys the ball in the process. Be careful about overusing this one and leaving yourself vulnerable. If you opponent throws the ball, you’ll warp to wherever it is to perform the move. If the ball is still on a cooldown, you’ll just do a shoulder charge.

Got Hops (Up Special)

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This move is perhaps more dependent on the ball than any other. It’s an arched shot, which is great for hitting opponents above you, and it can be charged if you need a moment to line things up. When used in the air, you get a little extra boost, but this move really doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of recovery. Good thing LeBron already has a great double jump. Without a ball, you’ll just clap some chalk dust in the air around you. This does damage too, but it’s not as powerful — and it’s even less of a boost to your jump.

Denied (Down Special)

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LeBron’s down special is one of the few times where not having the ball doesn’t leave you defenseless. In fact, using it without a ball in your hands creates a projectile-stopping barrier that lasts for a good moment. Use this while dribbling, and you’ll make the ball bounce up and down in place (with a little extra flare if you use it in the air). It’s great for zoning and edge guarding.

Best LeBron James perks

LeBron’s best perks also revolve around the ball, as you might expect. Of his signature perks, Keep Possession is always a good bet: it heals you when you complete a pass. If you plan to keep the ball moving between you and your teammate, then you’ll keep recovering HP. Beyond this, you want to focus on the ball itself, since it’s a projectile. Perks like Make It Rain, Dog will see your shots moving even faster.