How to play Mario Party Superstars with friends

Bring a plus one.

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Mario Party Superstars brings back a lot of the classic fun the original games had on the Nintendo 64. Now that we are playing on the Nintendo Switch, it is even easier to play with your friends, which is honestly our recommended way to get the most enjoyment out of the game. Here is how you can play Mario Party Superstars with your friends on Switch.

Luckily, setting up multiplayer in Mario Party Superstars is pretty straightforward and is the first thing you will do when you turn the game on.

Multiplayer on one Switch

To play with multiple people on one Switch, just select Offline Play from the first menu you come across. On the next page, set the number of people at the top and connect the controllers. You can play online with multiple people on one Switch, but we will cover that in those respective sections.

Multiplayer with multiple Switches

To play the game across multiple Switches in the same area, choose Local Play. Whoever the host is going to be will need to make a lobby, set a passcode if wanted, and select how many players will be on their Switch. It will then give you a lobby to wait for others to join.

Anyone looking to join that host just needs to select Join Room and have their Switch connect.

Online multiplayer with friends

To play with friends online, choose Online Game then Friend Game. The game will connect to the internet and start the intro cutscene. When you get to the menu, you will automatically enter the Friend House with Toadette. The host will need to set up a lobby, choose their passcode, and how many people will play on their console. If the person you want to play with is not on your friend list, be sure to set the lobby to allow anyone in. Anyone looking to join can search by their friend list, or the host can give them the Room ID number.

Play a global online game with a friend

To play online with randoms and a friend who is on the internet, select Online Play then Global Game. Enter the Friend House and create a lobby to bring your friend into when you get to the menu. Once you are in the same lobby, go to the warp pipe and select your characters. You can then choose the board you want to matchmake on with a friend.