How to play Need for Speed Heat early


Later this week, fans of the Need for Speed series will be able to see a proper return to form with Heat. Instead of focusing on the lame Fast and Furious style shenanigans that deep-sixed Need for Speed Payback a couple of years ago, Heat will offer more straight-forward racing action, as well as the ability to outrun the law and boost your reputation.

But some fans are wondering when they’ll be able to get their hands on the game for a test drive. After all, EA has provided access to releases in the past before they’ve officially become available. Well, we’ve got the details on when you’ll be able to hit the road and outrun the cops like a champ!

How to play Need for Speed Heat early on PS4 and Xbox One

When it comes to playing Need for Speed Heat early on consoles, the primary option available is EA Access. As in the past, Electronic Arts will offer members up to a ten-hour trial for the game. This will likely include all the multiplayer features, as well as a portion — if not all — of the singleplayer action.

The trial will become available on Tuesday, Nov. 5. That’s three days before its actual release date. Though that’s a shorter window than games in the past, it still provides enough time for a proper spin.

As for what time it’ll be available, that’s unknown. But the EA Access Twitter page should have updates shortly. Once available, the trial should be featured on the main menu. Just download and enjoy it!

And if you’re not a subscriber to EA Access just yet, it’s easy to join!

How to play Need for Speed Heat early On PC

When it comes to playing Need for Speed Heat on PC, there’s also a sole option — but there’s an interesting twist with this special edition.

The game will be available through the EA Origin Access program. But there are two tiers.

First up is Origin Access Basic, which will give players the same ten-hour trial as console owners are getting. But then there’s Origin Access Premier, which will give players access to the full game. Both versions will open up on Nov. 5.

For those that aren’t subscribers yet, check out the link above, where you’ll find full details.

If you prefer to wait, Need For Speed Heat should unlock on digital storefronts, including EA Origin, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Store, starting at 12 AM EDT on Nov. 8. The physical version will be available for purchase from retailers later in the day.