How to play online and coop with your friends – Monster Hunter Rise

Party up.

Image via Capcom

Hunter monsters is fun, but hunting monsters with friends is even more fun. In this article, we will show you how to team up with your friends and play coop in Monster Hunter Rise.

You can play in a party of up to four people, but you will only be able to play Hub Quests. Village quests are specific single player missions, and you cannot bring your friends with you to do them.

How to create lobbies and parties

To make a lobby, you will need to speak with the Courier, the cat on the red chest in the center of town. Click the Play Online option, then Create Lobby. If you want, you can set it to private so that only your friends can join you. Enable a Passcode and then give it to your friends, as they will need it to join.

The Lobby will have a LobbyID that you should also give to your friends, as they can join straight on the LobbyID without needing to search for it if they are not on your friend list.

How to join a friend’s game

Once again, speak with the Courier, select Play Online, then “search by LobbyID”. You can also select the Friend List option to see any lobbies that your friends are currently in, and can join them from there.

Starting a quest

Now that you are in a lobby together, you need to start a quest. Go to the Hub Quest board in the building where Minoto is, and select the quest you wish to play the way you normally would. Remember, you can only play Hub missions as a group, not Village missions.

When you are finished playing with your friends, you will need to return to Courier Cat in the center of the village, and select the “Leave Lobby” option.