How to play specialist Falck in Battlefield 2042 – Abilities, load-outs, tips, and more

Battle medic with a mission.

Image via Electronic Arts

Specialist Maria Falck is a fearless German field medic with a personal mission to find her son in the war-torn world of Battlefield 2042. Falck is one of the support specialists in Battlefield 2042, emphasizing healing and reviving your teammates to keep them in the fight. If you value good teamwork and have a knack for thinking ahead, you will feel right at home while playing Falck. Just be prepared for your teammates asking you to heal them every couple of seconds.


Specialty: S21 Syrette Pistol

Falck’s specialty ability defines every aspect of her playstyle and lets players pull off some impressive plays. The S21 Syrette allows you to fire a healing dart to any of your teammates to heal a larger portion of their health. Additionally, Falck can use this ability on herself to get out of a tricky situation. If you feel risky, you can also try to finish off a low HP enemy with her S21 Syrette Pistol for some extra style points.

Trait: Combat Surgeon

Falck’s trait will be useful in large gunfights with teammates surrounding you. When an ally is downed, Falck will return them to combat with full HP, allowing them to continue the fight without retreating to regenerate health. It is important to remember you have this ability while playing Falck, as you may get caught in the midst of battle and advance without reviving your teammates.

Load-outs and tips

Falck is a versatile specialist that benefits from large intense gunfights, both at close and medium ranges. You can be aggressive with Falck and use an SMG, clearing out close quarters buildings while keeping your team alive. You can also use an Assault Rifle or Designated Marksman Rifle to support your team from a longer range, using your S21 Syrette to heal them from the backlines. Falck is useful with most weapons and playstyles, as long as you are playing with your team.

Battlefield 2042 is chuck full of diverse specialists who excel at different things, but Maria Falck is the quintessential example of a support character. You will want to avoid playing as a lone wolf as Falck, as you probably won’t get to use her kit to its full potential. A good Falck player can turn the tide of any battle, keeping their team alive and helping them push objectives better than any other specialist on the battlefield.