How to play Sports game mode in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Everything you need to know about Sports game Battle mode.

Screenshot via Gamepur

From the Battle selection option in the main menu of Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl, players can participate in three types of Battle modes. There are Stocks and Timed modes, which are essentially the same as in Super Smash Bros, then there is Sports mode, which is unique to All-Stars Brawl.

How does sports game mode work?

Screenshot via Gamepur

Sports mode has fighters be split into two teams. There can’t be more than two teams, and you can’t play this mode with just one fighter. Select any stage, and once both teams enter the stage, two star-shaped goals will appear on both ends. Each goal is color-coded to match both teams’ colors, red and blue, respectively. A ball will spawn at the center of the stage, and it is up to each team to score a goal by launching the ball throw the opposing teams’ goal.

On the brawler select, you can change the rules of the game before starting the game. In the rules, you can select how many points a team needs to score to win. You can also set the time limit and choose to turn on Critical KOs. You can select up to 99 goals to win, and you can select to play up to 99 minutes. You can also switch between the other battle modes in the rules menu.

You can also select what kind of ball you want to play with; five balls are available, and each works differently. The soccer ball is the default, and teams will only be able to hit the soccer ball to the goal – you won’t be able to carry it. The Tommy ball you can grab and throw, as well as hit it to the goal. The Tommy Ball is worth three points if it hits the goal for a faraway distance. The football can only be grabbed and thrown to the goal — it cannot be hit to the goal.

The yarn ball can be hit, as well as be grabbed and thrown. Throwing it at the opposing team will cause them damage. Finally, there’s the Plankton Ball. The Plankton Ball can be hit or thrown to the goal, but it is very heavy. It will slow down anyone holding it, and it doesn’t go as far as other balls when hit.