How to play Superman in MultiVersus – Moves, strategies, perks, and more

As long as they don’t have any kryptonite.

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Landing from Krypton to MultiVersus, Superman is a mobile and tough tank that can dish out some major punishment. The Man of Steel is a character whose strengths lie in his aerial maneuverability and abilities, as well as close combat brawling that aims to punish anyone that gets too close. One thing is certain — there is no running from this Kryptonian train and with our guide, you can learn how to utilize him too.

Superman’s key abilities and how to use them

Superman basic combos in MultiVersus

On the surface, Sups’ basic ground attack combos might seem simple and clunky but are in fact a button-masher’s dream. They can be woven seamlessly one after the other, and most notably Kryptonian Kombo (Attack + Side) is actually a five-part hit if fully followed through. The first three hits are followed by a stunning flurry and crowned by a knockout uppercut. And while most of his attacks have a charge component, remember that you don’t necessarily have to do it for them to be effective.

Superman air specials

One of the few characters capable of flight, Superman has amazing maneuverability in the air, and his aerial abilities are among the best. It is worth keeping in mind that his dodge works in all directions, so he is able to take flight by dodging too. If you can pull it off, a great vertical combo involves using Meteor Liftoff (Special + Up) on the ground, followed by Go Long! (Special + Up) in the air, essentially triple-comboing his target off the map if timed correctly.

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Ice Breath (Neutral Special)

Superman’s Ice Breath (Neutral Special) can be used both in the air and on the ground. It is a great way to set up your partner or to stop an advancing enemy. But did you know that you can also move while doing it, catching up to anyone trying to escape? Well, now you do — use it to stack those 15 ticks and make a popsicle out of them.

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Locomotive Charge (Special + Side)

We saved the most devastating combo for last. This one may even work while the enemies are on low damage, but when they’re at 70+, it’s almost guaranteed a knockout if done correctly. To set it up, charge up a Locomotive Charge (Special + Side) from mid-range. You want to try to hit a sweetspot of one of the two punches and send the enemy flying. Follow that up with the Ten-Ton Tackle while flying (Special + Side), aiming to grab the enemy you’ve just knocked out in the air. The ending hit of this move should already be too close to one side of the screen to avoid a knockout. And as a bonus, if they somehow survive (or are at too low damage), you can just do another Ten-Ton Tackle to prevent them from reaching the platform.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Best perks for Superman

As Superman, you want to stack as many air speed and maneuverability perks as you can. His own Triple Jump is already a great pick, while Clear the Air adds extra utility against projectile-heavy comps. If you can get Second Wind Beneath Your Wings for yourself, that is a great ‘win more’ option to have.

For his signature perks, all three are situationally good picks, and mostly depend on your own preferred playstyle. For example, you’d pick Sniper Punch if you favor ground brawling, Break the Ice if you focus more on using Ice Breath to debuff, or Flaming Re-Entry if you’re an air-first type of player.