How to play the Engineer role in Among Us

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Image via Innersloth YouTube

The Engineer in Among Us is one of the several roles you can play as a crewmember. The Engineer has an exclusive ability to make their life easier in the game and assist the team in combating the many Imposters attempting to sabotage the ship. Here’s what you need to know about playing as an Engineer.

The Engineer has the unique ability to use the vents, similar to the Imposter. You’ll see the ability on the bottom right of your screen, with the name vent underneath it. Identical to the Imposter, all you have to do is approach the vent, click the ability, and you’ll jump down into the vent. You can now quickly zip around the ship in the various corners without having to wander around the hallways.

Screenshot by Gamepur

However, while in the vents, there’s a chance you could encounter the Imposter. You also cannot remain in the vents forever. Eventually, the ability will cool down, and it forces you out of the vent when it does. You’ll need to wait 30 seconds before you use the vents again. Because it takes 30 seconds for the ability to cool down, we highly recommend remaining in the vents until you know it’s safe to come out.

You also may want to reserve using the vents until you need to make a quick escape. While it’s a helpful ability to move around the map, it’s far more effective to leap down into the vents and evade the Imposter. It should keep you alive longer if you use it defensively.