How to play the Guilty Gear Strive open beta’s offline mode

At least you can polish your skills.

Guilty Gear Strive

Image via Arc System Works

It’s no secret to fans that being able to actually access the Guilty Gear Strive open beta is like winning the proverbial lottery, thanks to a pesky “Failed to upload r-code” error message that keeps cropping up. However, there is a simple way to play at least the offline modes, which involves circumventing the spotty servers altogether.

  1. Start the beta by signing into a different PS4 user profile from the one that gave you issues.
  2. Accept the terms and answer Yes to everything, then input a player name and confirm it.
  3. When asked to “register data to servers, select No, then confirm that decision with Yes.
  4. Wait for the beta to load, and at this point, you’re either in or errored out to the Main Menu.
  5. If the latter, press X again and it will ask you step 3 again. Repeat that step until you’re in.
  6. Once successful you’ll have access to all Offline Modes: Vs Com, 2-Player, Training, and Tutorial.

So while you may not be able to against skilled players online, you at least can try out the full beta roster of fighters and polish those skills in the Dojo or against the CPU. Unfortunately, however, the only fix for getting into the Online Modes is just reloading from the main menu with your original user profile until you (possibly) strike gold.

The Guilty Gear Strive open beta will end on February 21.