How to play with friends in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Challenge each other in the newest Mario Golf game.

Image via Nintendo

One of the best things about spinoff Mario games is that they usually have multiplayer worked into them that is fun and brings a breath of competitiveness to the mix. Mario Golf and the other Mario sports games have always welcomed multiplayer games to the mix because it made the most sense. If you are getting tired of playing alone and want to challenge your friends in Speed Golf, here is how you can play online with your friends in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Getting started

Before you can play against your friends in an online match of Mario Golf: Super Rush, you need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership. If you do not have one, you will need to renew your subscription or start a new one. With that out of the way, let’s get going.

When you first get into the game, choose Play Golf. On the next page, you will see four different modes you can play. If you are looking to get into an online game, choose Network Play.

The next page will give you the chance to choose between Online and Wireless Play. If the people you want to play with are in the same room as you, you can select Wireless, but both of you will need a copy of the game to be able to play. If they are somewhere else, select Online.

After choosing Online, choose your control style and how many players will be playing on your system. This is not to decide everyone who will be in the match, just the people playing from the system you are on at the moment. Up to two per system can play. Now we can get into the room process.

Create a Room

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to host a room with friends, select Create a Room. On the next page, you can decide

  • If your room will need a password entered to join
  • Whether it will be open to the public or only friends
  • The game mode (Standard, Speed, or Battle Golf)
  • And whether Mii characters will be allowed to be chosen

After your settings are in place, you can directly invite someone on your friends list to your room, which is a rarity for Nintendo games. When people have joined, start up the game and go.

Join a Room

If someone else will host the match, you will need to choose to Join a Room. Without needing to set up the game itself, you will have much less you need to do.

After choosing Join a Room, you will have three options. First, you can select Friend Room to see a list of all your friends who have Mario Golf and are hosting a room at that moment.

Below that, you can search for rooms with specific criteria to match the online experience you want, but this will mostly be for people looking to play with random people, not their friends.

Finally, the last selection is Enter Room ID. If, for whatever reason, your friend’s room isn’t appearing on the Friend Room list, you can get the Room ID from them (it appears at the top right of the screen in the lobby) and enter it here to access it directly. This is also the best way to join the room of a host who is not on your friends list.