How to pre-order Shin Megami Tensei 5 – bonuses, editions, and where to buy

Learn where to pre-order each version of Atlus’ long awaited JRPG.

Shin Megami Tensei V

Screengrab via Gamepur

With Shin Megami Tensei 5 releasing November 12 exclusively on Nintendo Switch, those interested in Atlus’ new JRPG will want to pre-order if they haven’t done so already. It’s been eight years since Shin Megami Tensei 4 and five years since Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse. Whether you’re an existing fan or newcomer, check our guide below to find out more about its different editions and where to pre-order each.


Digital owners only have access to the standard edition copy, which includes the base game and nothing more. You can pre-order the standard digital edition on the Nintendo eShop in-console or through Nintendo’s website.

Steelbook Edition

Image via Atlus

The Steelbook Edition is the standard physical version of Shin Megami Tensei 5. It includes the base game in a fancy steelbook case. The steelbook edition can be pre-ordered from the following retailers.

Premium Edition

Image via Atlus

Maybe the Steelbook Edition isn’t extravagant enough for you. In that case, the Premium Edition includes the same steelbook case in addition to the following extras:

  • 2-Disc Soundtrack
  • 100+ Page Demon Handbook
  • Sling Bag
  • Collector’s Box

The Premium Edition can be pre-ordered from the following retailers: