How to pre-order the Garena Free Fire Season 28 Celestial Street Elite Pass

Get access to all the rewards before actual release.

Image via Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Season 28 Celestial Street Elite Pass will release on September 1 and has been made available to pre-order. The players can pre-order the Elite Pass by spending 999 diamonds, and the Celestial Street Pan skin will be available as the exclusive reward this season.

Otherwise, players can also buy an Elite Pass subscription that will unlock the Elite Pass every time it launches. The first Elite Pass subscription will cost 500 diamonds, and the payment will be automatically charged every month.

Pre-Order Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass

Image via Garena Free Fire

You can order the Free Fire Season 28 Elite Pass from the in-game store, and here are the steps to do it:

  • Open Garena Free Fire in your device and go to the Store section present on the left side of the lobby.
  • Swipe left on the banners and click on the Celestial Street banner that will take you to the pre-order section.
  • Pay 999 diamonds and collect all of your rewards. If you don’t have sufficient diamonds then, you can buy the diamonds from their respective section. You can also use the subscription option if you are a regular buyer of the Elite Pass, as it will cost you lesser than the average price of pre-ordering it every season.

Rewards unlocked by Pre-ordering Elite Pass:

  • Unlock access to all Elite Pass Rewards worth more than 10,000 Diamonds.
  • Unlock Elite Challenges to earn more badges.
  • Increase the daily gold limit by 100.
  • Display nickname in Glorious Red in the killfeed.
  • Get 50 badges and unlock The Street Angel immediately.
  • Acquire tons of Elite Pass exclusive rewards.

Rewards unlocked by buying the Elite Pass subscription:

  • Unlock each Elite Pass season as it launches.
  • Get all the pre-order rewards during each season’s launch.
  • Unlock 50 badges immediately to start claiming rewards.
  • Unlock complete access to the Elite Rewards and Elite Challenges each season.
  • Get all special Elite Pass exclusive rewards.