How to prevent your Xbox Series X console from overheating

It’s getting hot in here.

How to prevent your Xbox Series X from overheating

Image via Microsoft

Xbox Series X is a powerful, well designed console, but that does not mean that it is immune to problems. Despite its huge heat sink, fan, and vent ports inside and out, you might find that your system is overheating more than it should do.

If overheating is becoming a problem for you, there are ways to stop your Xbox Series X from getting too hot. These are solutions that will prevent your system from overheating, so follow them and you should be good.

Ensure that nothing is blocking the console’s ventilation ports

This means positioning the system in a well ventilated area either in a vertical position, with the main vent on top, or horizontally on a desk top or table. Do not position it on a bookcase, on a rack, or in a cabinet where there isn’t sufficient air flow.

The console must be positioned a number of inches away from a wall

This ensures that the vent port on the back isn’t transferring warm air onto a surface right next to it. If your system is pressed up to a wall or another surface, bring it forward so it has room to breathe or move it to another part of your room.

Make sure that your Xbox Series X is not located near to any heat sources

This includes radiators, stoves, amplifiers, or bright lights. Positioning your console near these will cause it to become hotter more quickly, which will result in it overheating and potentially shutting down. This also goes for transferring your console to a warmer room that it is used to. If you move it to a room where the temperature is higher than its previous location, allow the console to come to room temperature before turning it on.

Perform a complete shutdown of your console

If you press the Xbox logon button in the center of your gamepad, you can turn off the console. However, this only puts it into sleep mode, and leaving it on for an extended period can cause it to overheat if it is downloading games or running in general. Shut your console down, and then flick the switch on your power outlet to its off setting. This will completely shut your Xbox Series X off and enable it to cool down. You can turn everything back on later when you fancy gaming again.