How to quickly farm Cephalite Resonance in Warframe

Serving hopping time.


Image via Digital Extremes

With the arrival of the Glassmaker, Tenno in Warframe are on the hunt for Cephalite Resonance. To get this new resource, you need to kill Cephalite enemies. These enemies spawn in the same way that Void Corrupted enemies will spawn in a Void Relic mission. A Cephalite Fissure will appear, and nearby enemies will be turned into Cephalites.

They will have shards of glass on them, and you need to break these shards to destroy the enemies. When they die, they can drop a Cephalite Resonance which you can then pick up like any other piece of loot.

We have yet to figure out exactly how the spawns work, but there are all sorts of theories out there. Some people believe that they work on a timer, while others believe that it is completely random. The common consensus is that you should do a mission with as many enemies as possible, and just wait for the Fissure to arrive, then farm as much as possible, allowing the Fissure to convert as many enemies as possible.

We have our own theory, and after putting it into practice, Cephalite Resonance has become pretty easy to get. It would seem that after a Fissure spawns for you, that another one will not spawn again for a while. This does not mean that none can spawn in your game, it simply means that they might not spawn for you, you can still take advantage of one that spawns for another player.

As such, you simply need to server hop. Settle on a node anywhere on the map. We have had a lot of luck with Io on Jupiter. Then, spawn in and run a rotation. When it is over, leave, and join a new game. It is a bit annoying, but if you are lucky you will be spawning in with people who are going to have a Fissure spawn.

We have had Fissures arrive consistently in the first five minutes of Defense missions, so there doesn’t appear to be a minimum time that you need to be in the mission for. Io is also a very easy node, and people don’t really farm experience there, so you don’t need to feel too bad about leaving after one rotation.

Now, we cannot swear on a bible that this is the best method, only that it has worked for us, and seems to be a solid method to drum up lots of Cephalite Resonance. Remember to do this solo, not as a group, or else you will be limiting your chances of ending up with a player who has a Fissure spawn coming up.