How to quit after dying in Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Why is there no UI?

Image via Mantisco

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a challenging game, especially when you start out. Time and time again, you’ll be faced with death and will be forced to watch the winner celebrate in spectator mode. And then you realize, you can’t get out. You press every button and nothing happens. Eventually, after a lot of testing, we found out how to do it. Here is the rather strange way to quit after dying in Hunter’s Arena: Legends.

When you are first into the spectator mode after dying, hold down the Options button (the “start button”) on your controller. A transparent menu should show up. From there, select “Exit to lobby” and press X (or the A key on PC) Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given a results screen with the information on your killer in the game and your progression towards the next level. Your rank and kill count during the match is shown.

After that, you should be on your way to joining another match, continuing the cycle. You might not want to, however, understanding that the game is pretty awkward to control. Regardless, we recommend while looking for matches that you keep crossplay on, so the matchmaking is much faster for you. You’ll be able to match up with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC players this way.