How to reach Anchor Point 1 and build the Memory Resonator in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition

Two exploratory missions to wrap up Iteration One of the Expedition.

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To really broaden your Expedition horizons, you’ll need to have successfully helped Specialist Polo with a Loop Research mission or three in order to unlock the Hyperdrive module for your Starship, along with a handful of Warp Cells ready to propel you to new systems. This leads you into a couple of easy-going exploratory missions that will be familiar to No Man’s Sky veterans, and offer up plenty of opportunities to go resource-gathering on your travels.

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How to find Anchor Point 1 in the Leviathan Expedition

The next main step in the Expedition is to find a location called Anchor Point 1, which is essentially an alien portal similar to those we’ve seen in the game before. To get started you’ll need to install the Hyperdrive and juice it up with the Warp Cells. You might want to scavenge a few supplies for the trip in advance, but when you’re ready head into space and open up the Galaxy Map.

With the Expedition Route map open, you should find the target location automatically tagged a few warp jumps away, so just line up the first leg of the journey and make the leap. Then repeat the trick until you reach the required system ― although there’s no harm in making a few stops along the way, perhaps to access the Space Stations and buy up some additional Exosuit inventory slots.

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On arrival at the targeted galaxy, you should find a planet called Ennect with a location marker, so just follow the path to your target. Unfortunately, a common No Man’s Sky trick is to only place you close-ish to your required destination, so a further scan with your Target Sweep visor will be needed to hone in on the portal itself. You don’t actually have to do anything when you find it, as you only need to unlock the Memory Resonator as your reward for completing this Milestone.

How to build and use the Memory Resonator in the Leviathan Expedition

The Memory Resonator is a hotspot-finding device that can be crafted into any open inventory slot, at the cost of 16x Ancestral Memories, 40x Gold, and 30x Chromatic Metal. You might already have the Ancestral Memories as spares from your Loop Research quests. If not you’ll need to craft and feed Creature Pellets to animals and interact with them to gather 15 at a time. Annoyingly, Ennect is shy on land-based animals, so you might need to hop to a neighboring planet if you do need more. On the way, you can blast asteroids to bag that Gold, before refining some Chromatic Metal from the likes of Copper deposits to complete the recipe.

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Once built, the Memory Resonator only seems to work on the relevant planets, so if you’re not on Ennect it will return a useless weak signal. If you are, then it will repeat the Anchor Point trick in giving you a vague location that you’ll need to fine-tune on arrival using your Target Sweep visor. This time you’ll find a Memory Hotspot you can interact with to get some dialogue about the Leviathan. Be careful, though, as when it’s over a bunch of enemies will spawn. As long as you keep your distance though, they’re not overly aggressive if you don’t fancy the fight.

This not only wraps up the mission but also the entire Iteration One phase of the Expedition. This means that as well as getting the Wake the Past Milestone rewards, you also get a bonus set of poster plans for completing this opening section. There is an optional bonus mission to help Polo with his Loop 1 research, which involves lots of dying to meet the community target. If you do wait around to unlock it, you’ll get upgraded Memory Fragments each time you have to respawn which could prove very useful.

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