How to reach Anchor Point 3 and complete the Call of the Void Milestone in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition

Stop off for an intergalactic egg hunt as the Expedition begins to open up.

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By the time you get into the Iteration Three steps of the Leviathan Expedition of No Man’s Sky, it’s almost a free-for-all on the remaining missions. At this point, it can pay to plan out what else is left, with only a few in Iteration Five left to be unraveled as you progress, and so you can choose to mix and match them in any order that suits your ever-expanding travels. However, there are a few that naturally align and there’s a welcome sense of timing from developer Hello Games to have certain Milestones hitting at just the right time.

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How to steal 10 Whispering Eggs in Leviathan

If you’ve already taken on the Fallen Giants Milestone, you might have already stumbled upon some Whispering Eggs at the Abandoned Buildings ― to the point where you may well have found enough to complete this step quite quickly. To “steal” the eggs, you first need to mine (or melee) them to crack the shell and access the Larval Core inside you’ll need to grab. You’ll need to move fast though, as this will spawn a number of Monstrosities who can send you right back to the start of the Expedition if you’re not careful.

Boosting up to higher ground, or simply backing away from danger, is your friend for the most part, and ducking into those buildings can also help until you either wipe them out or they head back underground and leave you free to repeat the process. If you don’t have enough eggs as you head towards Anchor Point 3, just keep following the mission through as there’s a good number scattered around the next Fallen Traveller site to help you hit your quota and collect on those Milestone rewards.

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How to reach Anchor Point 3 in Leviathan

By now you should be pretty familiar with the process of tracking your path via the Expedition Route in your galaxy map and warp-jumping your way to the final destination. This is a much longer trip though, so you’ll need plenty of Warp Cells to top up your Hyperdrive. You don’t need to have loads in stock from the start, as once again there’s plenty of merit in stopping off regularly on your travels to scout each new system or head to the local Space Station for supplies.

Planning ahead, you might want to be on the lookout for extreme weather planets that might have Storm Crystals for the Calcified Echoes Milestone. Even further ahead, Iteration Four requires a stop-off at an Outlaw Space Station, so by all means pay one a visit if it pops up on your trip to Anchor Point 3 to help get that ticked off in advance. As with the previous two Anchor Points, when you reach the final system, simply follow the marker to the target planet and either use your Target Sweep visor to hone in, or do a quick fly-by in your Starship until you spot the nearby portal to land and collect some handy Memory Fragment rewards.

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