How To Reach Tier 5 In Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour is here, and despite some launch day hiccups, people seem to be very much enjoying the change to play Mario Kart on the go. The game is filled with drivers, karts, and gliders that you will be familiar with. After you play enough, you will also unlock the Ranked mode, allowing you to try and place in the top spot for each ranked session.

If you have been wondering how to reach Tier 5, then this is relevant to you.

How To Reach Tier 5 In Mario Kart Tour

You can reach Tier 5 in Ranked mode. As you play in Ranked and score more points, your position will go up. When the Ranked Season ends, your overall Tier will increase, dependent on where you ranked in the previous season.

To get to Tier 5, you want to be sure that you are finishing as high as possible at the end of each Ranked Season. These seem to be a week-long, so you have plenty of time to ensure that you are going to finish in the first place by repeating races, playing in the cups, and collecting as many points as possible.

How many Tiers you advance will depend on where you place:

  • The top three advanced three tiers
  • Fourth to sixth place advance two tiers
  • Seventh to tenth place advance a single tier.
  • Players between 11 and 20 remain in the cup.

This will also then determine your rewards, as follows:

  • First place winner receives 20 rubies
  • Second place receives 15 rubies
  • Third place receives 10 rubies
  • Fourth to sixth place receives five rubies
  • Seventh to tenth place collect 300 coins
  • Players between 11 and 20 do not receive any rewards

As such, finishing the challenge to hit Tier 5 is going to require some patience, because you will need to wait until the Ranked Season clock ticks over at least once, then figure out where you are now placed and go from there.