How to Read Treasure Maps in Spirittea

Finding where to read your treasure maps in Spirittea is a bit of a treasure hunt on its own, so we’ll show you where to go

Spirittea Tree Map

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In Spirittea, hidden treasures are buried around town, just waiting for you to dig them up. You can even get treasure maps that help you know where to look, but finding where to read the maps in the game is a bit of a hunt in itself.

Early in the game, your spirit guide, Wonyan comments on digging up tomes to learn more about the local spirits. After that, you will begin to encounter treasure maps that can help you track down the tomes. Once you get these maps, they don’t show up in your bag or your notebook, the primary places you’d expect them to be. Here’s how to read treasure maps in Spirittea.

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Where Do You Get Treasure Maps in Spirittea?

Spirittea Ancient Map For Sale
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Treasure maps in Spirittea can be found in a variety of ways. You can buy items called Ancient Maps from the Shop and the Secret Shop, once you unlock it. These items are treasure maps you can use to find tomes and learn more about the Spirits.

Some treasure maps are gifted to you by various townsfolk either when you complete certain events in their storylines or when you reach a certain level of friendship. So if you want to find all the treasure your town has to offer, make sure you’re regularly building up your relationships with the locals.

How Do You Read Treasure Maps in Spirittea?

Spirittea Pause Menu
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When you acquire a treasure map in Spirittea, it won’t go to your backpack or become a page in your notebook. Since this is where you go for most other aspects of the game, this can be a bit confusing. So, where should you look when you want to view a treasure map?

Treasure maps are part of a gallery located in the in-game menu. This menu isn’t in the most intuitive place if you’re playing on Switch, and you can get a good way into the game without even knowing it’s there. On Switch, this menu is opened using the minus button on the left hand side of your Switch controller. On PC, opening the menu is bit more straightforward, but you still might not think to look there for your maps when every other item goes to your backpack.

Collections Menu Spirittea
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Once you open the main menu, you’ll want to click on the “Collections” option. This will take you to a series of pages where you can see different collectibles from the game, like how many types of fish you’ve caught. If you navigate to the red tab (the furthest to the right), you’ll see a page with a compass and a bunch of folded papers.

Spirittea Maps Collection
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Clicking on one of these papers will open a random one of your treasure maps. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a good way to tell which paper reveals which map without clicking through them, which is a bit of a frustrating aspect of the game. I recommend taking a screenshot of the map you’re trying to solve so you can easily reference it that way, rather than returning to this menu and clicking your way through every piece of paper.

How to Use Treasure Maps to Find Tomes in Spirittea

Spirittea Ancient Map
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Once you know where to find them, the treasure maps still aren’t the most straightforward guides to finding tomes. While they’re called maps in the game, they’re really more like puzzles you’ll need to solve, with images that can be a bit vague. Some of them are just plain written riddles that point you to a certain location.

You’ll need to solve the clues to figure out where the “maps” are trying to lead you, with hints such as drawings of different trees or lanterns. By matching these illustrations or riddles to locations in the town map, you should be able to figure out where to go. Once you’ve arrived at what you believe to be the correct location, simply turn on Spirit Vision and spot the bright green location where you’ll be able to dig for your treasure.

Once you get the hang of visiting the Collections menu, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your secret treasure as well as other collectible items in the game.

What Do You Use Spirit Tomes for in Spirittea?

Spirit Tomes allow you to see the preferences of your clients, meaning you can better serve their needs. They’re important items, so make sure you gather as many as possible. Creating the perfect dish for your spirit customers will skyrocket your rewards.

Knowing the preferences of your clientele is one thing, but making your bathhouse the most profitable it can be is another. There are various strategies for maximizing your bathhouse profits that we’ve explained in full detail.