Spirittea Walkthrough: Full Main Story Guide

Spirittea’s might be a cozy game, but many players will need a walkthrough to help point them in the right direction for the main story.


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Spirittea is a cozy game at heart, but its story plays out like a puzzle. Players must follow specific steps to help the spirits and townsfolk around them, but the next one isn’t always obvious. That’s why it can be handy to have a helpful guide to reach for.

The story of Spirittea revolves around players moving to a sleepy mountainside town where they immediately become part of the community. They have to help the locals, spirits and humans, get out of their funk and into a much happier place. It’ll take a lot of hard work though, and not every part of the story is as well signposted as the last.

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Spirittea Story Walkthrough

Below, we’ve outlined the story of Spirittea in a step-by-step guide. Where necessary, we’ve included links to our more in-depth guides to help players who might want to pursue specific side activities out of sequence. Players can use the table below to find the point in the story they need help with or work from the top down if they’re just starting out.

*** Please note that this guide is in progress and we are adding to it as we play through the story ourselves. We’ll remove this notice as soon as we’ve finished the story and the guide is done. ***

Part 1: Character Creation

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As soon as players start a new game in Spirittea, they’ll need to choose the name of the town they’re moving to and the name and appearance of their character. This doesn’t have much of an impact on the story, but players will see these names a lot, so it’s worth picking a good one. The same goes for the characters players create.

After arriving in the town, the story is extremely linear, and players won’t have any trouble until they regain control over their character the next day.

Part 2: Meet Everyone in Town

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After a good night’s sleep, players must meet everyone in town. We thought this was a little extreme because we wanted to get to the bathhouse and start bathing spirits, but it turns out that knowing where everyone is helps in the story.

There are 27 characters to meet, two of which are animals, so this can be tricky. However, a dog named Jon will be provided to players whom they can ask for guidance to find any character they’ve missed. There’s no bonus reward for ignoring the guide dog, so use him where necessary to get through this part of the story.

Part 3: Drink the Spirittea

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After meeting everyone in town, players will need to go to bed again. The next day, they must head over to get some tea leaves from a neighbor growing tea to the east of the player’s house. Those tea leaves must be used in the teapot inside the house to make some Spirittea, which is where the main story really kicks off.

This will spark a series of events that lead players to the nearby abandoned bathhouse. After a lot of exposition, players will be faced with yet another task.

Part 4: Find Somewhere That Has Lots of Sweets

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A spirit will tell players they need to find more spirits in a place that has lots of sweets. To do this, they must visit the local convenience store and use their Spirit Vision to locate the sneaky spirits. The spirits escape, and players have to capture them to unlock them in the bathhouse.

Players will discover dozens of spirits during their time with Spirittea. Most will be unlocked through the main story, so there’s no need to go out of the way to find them and add them to the roster early on. The bathhouse will need a few upgrades before then.

Part 5: Run the Bathhouse for a Day

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After discovering these two spirits, players can return to the bathhouse, get the fire going, and open it up for business. Spirits will pour in and expect somewhere to relax in exchange for a few coins. This is how players earn money.

Running the bathhouse is a bit stressful, but there’s a nice flow to every mechanic after a while. We ran the bathhouse as late as possible. After we couldn’t saw any more wood, we allowed the spirits in the baths to finish. At this point, we increased our spirituality, which allows players to see more spirits in the town.

This is important for progressing the story. If, at any point, players become stuck, they should open the bathhouse and keep serving spirits until they increase their spirituality to see if that helps move things forward.

Part 6: Help Moby With His Spirit Problem

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After another night’s sleep, players are prompted to visit Moby in the apartment building. He’s had some plants growing around his bath and doesn’t know why. Using Spirit Vision, it’s easy to see what’s going on. A large spirit has taken up residence in the bath, but players can get rid of it by discovering it and telling it to head to the bathhouse.

Part 7: Repair a Bath

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The next step in the story requires players to repair a bath. The spirit they have just discovered is huge and takes up way too much space to allow others to join in. A second bath will solve a lot of problems. To do this, they’ll need to open the bathhouse two more times until they’ve earned at least 2,500 Coins.

To repair or upgrade the bathhouse, players must visit Fae. She’s positioned as the first character players will meet if they turn left towards town at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the bathhouse. There’s a desk next to her house where players can purchase repairs and upgrades. We tried talking to her, but she offered no advice about removing roots from the baths.

Part 8: Check the Town Board

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Following another day in the bathhouse, players will be pointed to the Town Board even if they’ve not repaired a bath. This is a job board of sorts where townsfolk post issues they’re experiencing that hint at where players can find new spirits.

At this point in the game, three new spirits are rearing their heads. They don’t have to be done in a particular order, so the following steps in the story might vary from how others play the game. Whichever way players choose to advance the story, it’s worth noting that every character has a relationship meter that layers can advance by chatting to them every day. It’s a lot of work, but it’ll pay off in the end.

Part 9: Find the Spirit in the Temple Bell

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The bell in the Temple hasn’t been ringing, which players can pick up on from the Town Board. Players can head to the Temple and use their Spirit Vision to see that there’s a large spirit hiding underneath the bell. Speaking to it will unlock the spirit, Kurkapi, which can become a helper and live in the player’s home if they choose.

Part 10: Find the Boat Vandal Spirit

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Sujin, one of the townsfolk, has been complaining about someone vandalizing her boat around 5:30 PM each day. If players head to the boat between 3 PM and 5:30 PM, they’ll be able to use their Spirit Vision to see that the culprit is a spirit.

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After speaking to the spirit, it’ll run away, and players must catch it. They’ll lose it in the Temple grounds, but by interacting with a wall by the stone close to the Temple’s entrance, they’ll discover a secret path. This path leads to the spring near the Bathhouse, where players can finally confront and unlock two new spirits.

Part 11: Go Fishing and Write a Book

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Spirittea has several side activities for players to take part in. One we love is fishing, but it’s pretty complicated. Players can purchase a fishing rod from the shop, and it’s even possible to ask Sujin to go fishing with them if they want the company. This will help build up their relationship over time.

Another activity that players should be paying attention to is writing their book. However, we discovered that this is only possible if players exhaust the dialogue with each character they interact with regularly. This is especially important when speaking to characters who have had a problem linked to a spirit.

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By speaking to characters over and over again, players will see through their dialogue that the issue they had has now been resolved. When an issue has been resolved, players can write about it in their book at their house, but they won’t make progress unless they solve problems and then exhaust character dialogue to reach the end of that job.

Part 12: Move the Spirit Knocking Over The Picture in Bruce’s House

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A cheeky spirit has been knocking a picture from the shrine in Bruce’s house onto the floor every day after he goes to work. He’s heartbroken by it because the picture is one of his parents, who have sadly passed away.

Players must find the spirit in Bruce’s house after 9 AM. The spirit is standing next to the picture frame, waiting to knock it over. After speaking to it, players will discover it needs a new place to live, so they’ll have to somehow clean up a shrine.

To clean up a shrine, players can buy a Repair Kit from the shop. We had to use ours on the closest shrine three times before it was ready. Even then, it’s only possible to move the spirit over to it on the following day.

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After inviting the spirit to the clean shrine, it’ll tell players to visit it after a day or so because it’ll have a surprise for them. We suggest players remember to do this so they can follow up on Fenias’ story in Spirittea and unlock his Pawn Shop.

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Fenias’ Pawn Shop is where players can sell most of the items they’ll pick up in the game. Selling bugs and berries to him won’t make anyone rich, but it’s a decent way to supplement income while the bathhouse is being worked on and there aren’t any quests to advance.

Following this quest, players should have completed every task on the Town Board that the local post at the start of the game. More will be added over time, but this is a fantastic first step. As we’ve mentioned, remember to exhaust dialogue with the associated characters so their stories can be added to the book the player character is writing.

Part 13: Don’t Neglect the Shrines

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This is more of a warning than a specific step in our walkthrough, but players would be remiss to ignore this vital part of Spirittea. There are Shrines placed throughout the player’s town that they must make offerings to so they can advance the overarching story.

Each Shrine has a list of the offerings it requires, such as Oscar’s Lunchbox or Sakura Blossom. The first one is to the left of the set of stairs that lead to the bathhouse. Not the stairs in the town but those in the mountain. If players are struggling for activities while the bathhouse is being renovated or they’re stuck on a quest, Shrines are the perfect side activity.

Part 14: Speak to Julian About his Food Thief

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The next major quest in the game comes from Julian. He’s a chef in the local restaurant and has posted on the Town Board about a Food Thief who keeps stealing from him. If players track him down and speak to him, he’ll reveal that sometimes food even goes missing as he cooks it.

The spirit responsible hangs out in Julain’s kitchen wherever he’s cooking. His shift usually starts at 1 PM, so players should head to the restaurant at that time to progress this quest. After speaking to the spirit, players learn it wants a final taste of a soup Julian once made.

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Julian believes this soup is his family recipe, but he’s lent it to Tifa. Once players find her, everything kicks off. The problem is that Tifa has lost Julian’s recipe. She says something took it from her and ran to the beach with it. Since then, she’s been unable to locate it.

We’re currently stuck on this quest and will update this article further once we’ve figured out how to find the recipe and remove Julian’s Food Thief.